Neuromuscular Re-education

One of the most valued improvements seen in physical therapy can be achieved through neuromuscular re-education(NMR). Muscles and nerves work together to provide movement, strength, balance and general function. When signals are sent to your brain, the patterns are set.

The job of a therapy like NMR, myofascial release, trigger-point release, proprioceptive training, and many more, is to restore proper movement patterns. This is done through re-training (re-educating, if you will) the effected musculature.

At LoDo PT, we work with our hands. We recognize that waking up the muscles & nerves involved in injuries, while teaching them to move in the right way propels clients towards successful recovery.

"Neuromuscular reeducation deals with retraining the brain and spinal cord in voluntary and reflex motor activities. Basic principles of neuromuscular make-up are applied in the treatment of muscle impairment, weakness and/or paralysis. Physical principles of the muscles and the nerves are used, but more particularly targets the latter."(1)

- 1.) Huddleston OL. PRINCIPLES OF NEUROMUSCULAR REEDUCATION. JAMA. 1954;156(15):1396-1398. doi:10.1001/jama.1954.02950150018005