Wellness Services

There’s a largely overlooked aspect of health that gets missed by a lot of folks. Do you want to be pain free and be able to do whatever your life demands? Bottom line- you need to be able to enjoy your life. Whether that’s activities with friends, playing with your kids, enjoying retirement- we urge you to consider what “lifelong wellness” really means to you.

Our wellness programs are a broad spectrum of services, designed unique to YOU! We love to put together the puzzles that other people have missed to best facilitate our clients’ ideal outcome.

We believe that there is still a place where patients can feel like more than just a “cog in the wheel”. In order to improve & optimize your physical, mental, emotional, nutritional- overall health, you need the proper help.

Let us help you achieve your greatest health and well-being.

How are we different you ask? Here at Lodo PT you’ll get…

  • Individual attention, with one-on-one assessments between you & one of our therapists to develop a personalized plan for any lifestyle, age, or activity level.
  • Uniquely tailored 40-Minute sessions combine hands on, evidence based treatment techniques to help you to get back to your life.
  • An enjoyable environment with open communication and ongoing education for you.
  • Diverse methods and treatment styles that can be fully accommodated to you.
  • In-house wellness and performance visits that empower you to bridge the gap between formal “physical therapy” and independent activity.
  • Opportunities to “Up” your fitness level with customized sports performance plans or strength & conditioning regimens.
  • Functional Movement Screens (FMS) designed to analyze, dial into, and reinforce proper mechanics.
  • Performance Golf Assessments for guidance on a better swing, your body position, and knowledge to work around your injuries.

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