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Physical Therapy can help all sorts of problems. Here is an article about some inspiring stories people shared about their physical therapy experience: 9 Physical Therapy Success Stories That’ll Make You Choke Up A Bit.

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Rated 5/5 based on 5 customer reviews
"I absolutely love Lodo PT. When you arrive you are greeted by Danielle who could not be any nicer. She is great to chat with while you wait for your therapist and is always extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They would be lost without her. I have seen Laura for over 6 months for a hip and low back issues, most likely a torn labrum and she is awesome! When I first saw her I had pain all the time - walking, sitting and standing. I was not able to do any of my normal exercises and was completely miserable. Within a few sessions of prescribed exercises and dry needling I felt a huge difference. I was able to walk comfortably and incorporate some of my normal exercises to my routine. I will occasionally experience a flare up and I immediately make an appointment with these guys and am better within days. I could not recommend this clinic more!"
Feb 06, 2018
"This is not only a review, but a BIG thank you to Laura for helping me with tendonitis in my elbow. When I started with Laura, I had chronic pain in my elbow and almost total muscle atrophy, due to a cortisone shot that "didn't take." It was so bad that I had an indentation in my elbow from muscle loss. But ... after a few months of needling and therapy with Laura, my chronic elbow pain was gone and my muscle returned to the point that I no longer had an indentation. Everyone AT LoDo is great, from helping me with my paperwork to keeping track of appointments and insurance insurance. Great Team, thank you!!! "
Feb 06, 2018
"I have worked with several physical therapists in the past 10 years. My injuries have included lower back, hips, and knee pains resulting from running. I generally run between 3 and 6 miles 3 to 4 times a week. David has been the first physical therapist that has addressed my injuries effectively and in a timely manner. David has not recommended exercises or treatments that haven't addressed my injuries or requested unnecessary follow-up appointments. I have been extremely happy with my treatments, and I would highly recommend him to others. "
Feb 06, 2018
"Highly recommend David Vanas at Lodo PT! I underwent two major hip surgeries in March of 2017. I had a full labrum reconstruction as well as a PAO/Ganz on the same side. I started seeing David for Physical Therapy a week after I went home from the hospital and received treatment for about 7 months post op. David is extremely knowledgeable of the hip procedures and devised a perfect recovery timeline for me. I am a lifelong dancer and very active so it was a must that I get back to the level of physical activity I was at pre-surgery. David helped me acheive that and I am now 11 months post op and doing almost everything I was able to do pre-surgery... but now pain free and still improving week by week! "
Feb 06, 2018
"Laura has given me my life back! So grateful for her knowledge & healing ways. Thank You! Janet 🤗"
Jan 23, 2018