Adjustments & Manipulations

This type of manual treatment can work on a number of things. The reasons for utilizing this methodology are numerous.

  • Pain relief
  • Body alignment corrections
  • Stimulation of the spine and nervous system
  • Increasing blood flow
  • Reducing joint inflammation
  • Posture improvement
  • Joint movement

Why would I need this?

Imagine a situation where your body simply doesn't "move" correctly or respond to activity well. Now, because for so many of us this is the case, consider how important being proactive with your care could potentially be? Not to mention, how intertwined these issues actually are, along with many others! Increasing blood flow in areas that have been lacking can not only improve your experience with pain and recovery after activity, but can also improve the levels of inflammation in those areas. Now, none of this without the proper education & guidance will produce long term results, but starting down a path of improvement can propel other positive results!

There are of course no guarantees, but we'd be hard pressed to have to think of a situation where being proactive about your health & wellness isn't beneficial!

Does everyone have to get an adjustment?

Of course, not. At Lodo PT, one thing that we continuously advocate for and promote is that you are in control of your care. This is not up to your PT, your insurance company, your doctors, or anyone else. We will work with you, help you understand all of the tools you have at your disposal, and give you the space to make the best, informed decision you can.

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