Functional Training

Functional training has likely more to it than you think. It is a precise type of treatment that involves retraining of the nerves, muscles, and joints to execute various "functional" or "everyday" movements. This has a different meaning to everyone. For some, their interest might be to return to a sport like soccer or volleyball. For others, functional training might be how we them get out of a chair or help them walk again. It can also mean learning to work out properly, preventing further injury.

It Starts with a Thorough Assessment

When you are seen for your first visit, there's an in-depth conversation where we'll review your medical history and current complaints. This is followed by a physical evaluation to identify dysfunctions such as weakness, challenges with coordination, limited joint range of motion, or inflexibility (to name a few).

Certain dysfunctions limit a patient's ability to perform coordinated, purposeful movement and require functional training.

Common examples of this are:

  • Working with a knee surgery patient and helping them to employ the right musculature and walk properly
  • Reversing bad habits from the gym or your fitness classes
  • Changing the running (gait) pattern of a long-distance runner to facilitate improved recovery and prevent re-injury
  • Working with a baseball player and helping them throw again
Functional Training is Our Expertise…

…but it is also a part of a complete treatment program. Opting to include things like recovery of joint motion, improvement of strength and/or endurance, and training to regain coordination can make a huge difference in your progress.

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